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Kalman's Day International Trailer

Kalman's Day

„A single day will change everything.“

Kalman’s Day is about that stage in life when people realize nothing new will happen, where behavior and relationships have become so fixed that all they can look forward to is repeating more of the same. There will be no new surprises, no more risks to be taken, and all they can do is try to preserve what they already have because they don’t have the time or energy to start all over again.

Levente and Zita, a couple in their forties, are visiting the home of their friends, Kálmán and Olga, to celebrate Kálmán’s name day. But they have an ulterior motive: they want to register their children at Kálmán’s home address so that they can go to a better school in the area. The family’s handyman, Ernő, also turns up; he is still in mourning for his wife, who died a few days earlier. As they interact, one by one, hidden grievances, frustrations, dissatisfactions and desires come to the surface, and by the end of the day registering the children, something that Kálmán initially vigorously opposed, becomes the least of their worries.



Orsolya Tóth, Szabolcs Hajdu, Nóra Földeáki, Domokos Szabó, Imre Gelányi

written and directed by:

Szabolcs Hajdu


Csaba Bántó


Zuzana Cséplő ASFS

sound: Dušan Kozák
costume designer:

Kata Pető

production managers:

Zoltán Gálovits, Martina Agricolová


Dan Wechsler, Andreas Roald, Jamal Zeinal-Zade, Árpád Szirmai, Gábor Rajna, Attila Faragó, Viktória Petrányi


Szabolcs Hajdu, Mátyás Prikler, Jim Stark

production companies:

Látókép, MPhilms, Stark Sales


Bord Cadre films, Sovereign Films, Vision Team, Proton Cinema

With the financial support: 
Slovak Audiovisual Fund